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Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 15:26:59 -0500
:)   :)   (((o)))  Hello all of you on this wonderful 'L'.  I don't write too
often but when I do, I really do. Greeting to everyone here. Gary from
Synergy here. I saw the posting from Matt Paiss and took it as an opportunity
to ramble about our discoveries about EPS construction and the company that
manufactures the buildings in Ft. Lauderdale and worldwide.

Thanks in advance.

Matt Paiss from Santa Cruz writes . . .

<<<2.  What types of noise reduction methods have you found to be effective?
will be using an acoustical engineer, but wanted some input from all of

Hey there, 
Gary Shlifer from Synergy Cohousing in West Palm Beach, Florida.  
As of this point we are planning to build our community with EPS (Expanded
Polystyrene).  Our homes, our common house and even our pool will be built
using EPS.

You address  noise in you Q. Acoustics are really a side-bar to the real
benefits of EPS.  An EPS structure is between 3 and 5 times more - energy
efficient, stronger and quieter than CBS or stick frame.  It's usually used
for the shell of the structures. However, we're building attached units.  So,
shared walls will be EPS, specifically for acoustics.  We're also going to
have a media/home theater room in the commonhouse.  That room will be EPS.
So, check it out. What we've found out about the stuff it's great.  There are
at least 6 -10 techniques that use EPS.  We're looking at a company called
Gold Planet.  

R-27 - ( with customizable densities )
Block forms - 12 forms - Walls/ floor / Ceiling
Forms create walls. Re-bar extend from pancake through each cell within a
block form.  1500 psi concrete is poured into cells from top. ( NO Blow OUTs
even past 30' ) A virtual monolithic slab is created.  Virtually wind
Unreal truss system.  There are several roof types to be built with the
stuff.  Flat/ Pitched.  In each type either the roof is partially made of
cement, which will make join cement to cement or re-bar into cement/into
roof.  Not cement alone mind you.  Re-bar and/or a stainless truss assembly
into concrete.  { This roof ain't goin nowhere. }
More than 25,000 structures world wide.  Started in Israel 20 years ago.
 Code approved by Dade County, Florida.  The strictest wind storm code in the

No off gassing / will not burn / waterproof / Insect-proof / is recyclable /
Hypo allergenic. ( Just kidding )
Cost? You ask cost?  Cost at the end of the project has been speculated at
between a 10 and 15% SAVINGS. Yes, savings.  In theory, the material costs
and labor with the learning curve will get us about 5% savings.  Through in
the fact that once you pass the curve, homes can go up in 1/3 the time as
CBS. ( The way of the world in Florida. )  That 1/3 the time element is a
biggy.  That's your other 10%.  Then the gravy >>>> More than -3- times the
energy efficiency.  Three times to FIVE times stronger.  Three times more
quiet.  *** Let's not forget that the energy you save in heating and cooling
costs represent anywhere from 4 to 20 tons of CO2 that WON'T end up in the
atmosphere.  That will enable our utilities to use less fuel, which will
lessen our dependency on foreign oil.  

HOw About that for some make-sence cohousing for ya?  Hey, if 1% of the
structures were energy efficient, we'd have enough money to pay for the
proper education for every American.  And get a hold of our population.
Imagine that??!!

Any other questions about the Goldplan Company or EPS you can contact me. The
Shlife [at] Gary 954.921.0434.
Please be advised that I am no expert on this subject.  I have hands-on
experience in a practical situation.  I am only stating our group's current
direction.  No formal decision has been made.  Our current floor plans,
handed to us by Charles Durrett on Aug. 10 incorporates the additional wall
width difference of 1" for EPS block.  We as committed as one could be at the
The reality is, is that we're not through zoning yet.  When we get to that
stage, is when we'll know all that can be known before construction.

Thanks for your attention.  Good luck to all of you. And to you Matt.

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