Developer consultant fees
From: Steve Farley (
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 11:41:03 -0500
We at Tucson Neighborhood Development Corporation are heading into final
negotiations with our developer consultant team as we look toward optioning
a site by the end of September (more on that later, we can't really talk
about it until we have control).

I know there are a million variables, but I would like to get a survey of
folks who have used a developer consultant model so that we can judge
whether or not we are getting a decent deal. I will compile and post
results to this list if I get enough response.

1) Which elements of the project did your developer consultants handle?

2) Did other consultants handle other elements (eg: construction
management, design management, etc.)?

3) How much of the risk did they take and in what form?

4) How much did they charge (preferably as a percentage of the total
project budget), and what was the timing of the payments?

5) How much did your architects charge, and for what elements of the project=

Thanks for your time! As I said, I will keep everyone apprised of the result=

Steve Farley
Treasurer, TNDC

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