Exciting developments at Liberty Village!
From: Carrie Burmaster (cburmastumabnet.ab.umd.edu)
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 11:56:04 -0500
Hello there--I am writing as a Friend of Liberty Village Cohousing
Community (soon to be a partner, I hope).  They have asked me to share
with all of you our exciting progress.  We are working on developing our
web site, but until then, here's the latest:  Liberty Village is located
in Frederick County, MD and has been developing their community for about
6 years now.  On 8/14/96 we got the go ahead from the Frederick Planning
Commission to begin construction of our 34 unit community on 9/1/96.  We
own 27 acres of farmland which is contiguous to a 105 acre community park,
much of which is undeveloped land.  We will be constructing duplex
townhomes, some of which will be specifically designed for the disabled.
are approved to build 20 homes during school year 96-97, 10 more homes
starting 9/1/97 and the remaining homes starting 9/98.  We currently have
15 homes committed and are offering financial incentives to those who
become Partners before the September 11 hearing which will officially
finalize our plan.  This is a very exciting time!  We plan to start
building utility lines this fall and winter and start homes in the spring.
We can start building the common house anytime; we hope to have the first
30 homes all completed by the end of 1997.  We are in the process of
trying to sell the existing historic farmhouse which is on the property,
and have also parceled off 3 lots to sell.  The homes will be built on 8
acres of the property, leaving approx. 16 acres undeveloped.  The Partners
so far are a mix of couples with children, single parent families, singles
and senior citizens.  Anyone interested in hearing more can e-mail me at
cburmast [at] umabnet.ab.umd.edu or call 410-377-4914, 202-898-5035 or
410-366-5109 to talk to other members of the community.  I know we all
share in each others' successes as each community comes closer to becoming
a reality.  Celebrate for us!

Carrie Burmaster, Friend of Liberty Village

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