Commonweal Village Update
From: Christina Hilliard-LCH005 (
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 11:58:31 -0500

Commonweal Cohousing Village, of Grafton, Massachusetts, is pleased to 
welcome our newest Full members, Beth Heffernan and Maureen Ford!

Commonweal is about to enter the schematic design phase, defining home 
layouts and selecting home-sites and footprints.

Our upcoming events include introductory (INFO) sessions on:
  ->  Sunday, September 15, 2 PM, at the Grafton site (indoor location)
  ->  Sunday, September 29, 2 PM, at the Grafton site (indoor location)
A site walk follows both meetings, which last about 90 minutes. 
We provide lots of printed information and large site plans to study.

We are marketing and raising public awareness with INFO-type presentations 
at bookstores, social clubs, and the like; stories, listings and 
announcements in print, radio, TV, Web,  bulletin boards, kiosks,  adult 
education courses; and day-care centers; and much more.

As always, Commonweal welcomes interested visitors!

Christina Hilliard
Commonweal Cohousing
lch005 [at]
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