(Fwd) We did it!
From: Tom Lent (tlentigc.apc.org)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 13:15:47 -0500
We did it! Peninsula Bank (lets hear it for the small local banks!)
has decided to give us a $1.4M  construction loan to complete our
project. Construction will soon start (as soon as all that !?$#@!
paperwork and other aggravating last minute detail stuff gets
wrapped up) to complete our 14 unit mid-Berkeley community. 

Our broker started by trying to hide the fact that we were cohousing
and ended up highlighting it - to overcome lender nervousness about
working with a development consortium of 19 inexperienced folks,
none with deep $$ pockets.

Act fast. Just two units are still available, both about 900 sq.
feet, both are 2+ bedrooms with loft expansion potential, (that is
not included in the 900 ft). Both are priced at $179,900. We are a
friendly, progressive, community of 18 adults and 6 kids (plus one
new one on the way),  mostly veggie (a little meat sneaks in from
time to time, but there is always a veggie option), conveniently
located in the middle of Berkeley near BART and right on an express
commuter bus line to San Francisco. Call 510/549-3749 for more info.

 - From that CoHousing project in Berkeley that has a half a
dozen names, none of them that we yet like...........

Tom Lent * 2220-A Sacramento St * Berkeley, CA 94702-1907
           email: tlent [at] igc.apc.org * phone: 510/845-5243
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