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Wellllll, Chuck should get thirty lashes with a wet noodle from the
consistancy committee.

Just yesterday, I recieved a letter from his office requesting an address
update for the contact list. Throughout the letter, they used the spelling
"CoHousing" whether it was the name of a group or cohousing in general.
Also, Chucks dba "The CoHousing Company" uses that suspicious capital 'H'.

Furthermore, in the early days, Chuck and Katie (along with Innovative
Housing) produced the 'CoHousing' newsletter and, I believe, developed the
logo still in use.

I vote (I mean propose, oops) that we get Chuck to sign on to this list to
directly answer these charges!

Semanticly sarcasic,

Rich Lobdill
Grell cohousing Group, Inc.
Oceano, CA
>I know this a bit trivial, but I think that the proper spelling of our word
>be discussed.
>I've just spent a good deal of time with Chuck Durrett and Chris Hanson. I
>brought up the spelling issue.
>It's my feeling that we should do our best to have one standardized spelling.
>Chuck and Chris both feel that the proper spelling is, and should be  . . . .
>. cohousing.
>No capital 'H' no hyphen. Just cohousing.
>That's what I'm going with.
>Gary Shlifer - Synergy Cohousing - Delray Beach, Fl.

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