Re: Eno Commons Progresses
From: Sherri Zann Rosenthal (76671.1561CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 1996 15:47:58 -0600 (MDT)
Dear CoHousers,
        Eno Commons CoHousing, in Durham, North Carolina, now has 14 member
households of our 22 member total. I meant to send a note to the list when we
hit the halfway mark of 11 households, and then three more joined so quickly I
didn't have the chance! 
        We now have seven children aged 10 and under, with three of the last 
households joining having children under age 10. We continue to put energy into
meeting our goal of having a good cohort in this age group, to take advantage of
all the kid-friendly features we've built into our site plan and Commons House.
        Groundbreaking is slated for mid-October. I'll let you all know when our
ceremoney will be, with everyone invited to the celebration.
        Eno Commons is a 22 home cohousing neighborhood located a stone's throw
from the beautiful Eno River State Park, and just six miles from the center of
town. Being kind to the land is a central value of our members: all of our homes
will be passive solar in design, our site plan leaves animal corridors intact,
and leaves over 60% of our 11.2 acres undisturbed by development. Affordability
is another of our values, and we have commissioned two home designs as
"standards," with the aim being to approach spec home prices with these homes.
Custom designs may also be built. 
        We're still welcoming new members: come see us! For more information,
call (919) 406-8366, email 76671.1561 [at], or visit our Web 
pages by
jumping off the cohousing network's page.

In community,
Sherri Zann
Hope to see lots of you at the East Coast Regional, Oct. 4-6.

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