Re: Communication glitches, effective communication resources
From: Monty Berman (
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 07:57:47 -0500
        A resource that, for me, effectively and succinctly spells out
both principles and practices related to effective communicating in
meetings is chapter 14 in CREATING COMMUNITY ANYWHERE, by Carolyn Shaffer
& Kristin Anundsen. They describe, and give good examples of a
"communications agreement," as well as what behaviors/attitudes make
meetings run well.

Monty (whose closing date at EcoVillage at Ithaca is Oct. 17)

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Rob Sandelin (Exchange) wrote:

> I am working on a resource for communication techniques for effective
> group interactions. If you have any good examples of things that have
> gone wrong in communications, or reccomended readings/references on
> communications techniques, or personal insights into the communications
> process relating to small and large group meetings I would be interested
> in hearing them.
> Rob Sandelin
> Sharingwood
> Northwest Intentional Communities Association

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