Getting sustainability built
From: Tom Lent (
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 00:02:40 -0500
Katie McCamant and I are planning a session for the Regional Conference in
Sacramento in October that is as yet untitled, but will probably be
something like "Sustainability: Getting from Theory to Praactice". I'm
looking for people in other groups who have had successes and failures in
turning their sustainable design dreams into reality to talk (or write)
about it. Who of you out there have been the most involved in this? What was
your vision? What have you been able to do of it? What has had to fall by
the wayside? Why? What can we learn? I'll soon post a report on the status
of our efforts here to help get the discussion rolling. 


Tom from Berkeley Cohousing aka "Flying Palms" 

(Flying Palms is one of the latest entries in our name game, stemming from
an incredibly dramatic sight that resulted from our (successful) attempt to
save a huge palm tree that was in the way of our new development. The 40
foot, 35,000 pound date palm was lifted by a humongous crane OVER a set of
power lines and over a house to place it on a waiting tractor trailer to
move to its new home)
Tom Lent * 2220 Sacramento St * Berkeley, CA 94702-1907
           email: tlent [at] * phone: 510/845-5243

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