Re: To accept or not to accept
From: Michael Omogrosso (
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 09:26:28 -0500
Out of the shadows the lurker speaks.  High folks, yes East blair housing 
cooperative is questioning a selection made over a year ago right now.  
On the surface and  pre selection interviews cooperativeness was the 
shinny cloak this person wore, but almost immediately while we were 
reexamining our mission statement, this person began speaking against our 
"authoritarian" rules.  Now we are a bit different than most cohousing in 
that we are a rental cooperative and have just moved from a housing 
authority contract to section 8 vouchers, but still value by value 
comparisons should equate with cohousing.

Our interview process is rather exhaustive and we do research 
references.  Even then we have one sneak by every so often who is 
detramental to the group.  The key is to constantly be strenghtening the  
ties with  the folks who want it so that  the  storms from those who 
don't can be weathered.  Then either constant subtle peer pressure may 
push them out or resort to the  Quaker method of ministry--approach by 
two or more with genuine concern and try to sensse why the person is 
adversary.  There is usually a reason.

Michael Omogrosso
East Blair Housing Cooperative
864 W. 4th Ave. #3, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA
omo [at]    541-344-8444
photographer, community land trust advocate

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