RE: Group training workshop
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 10:44:30 -0500
I received several inquiries about the group training workshop I do. So 
this is my outline which maybe you can use to design your own community 
training. My spam is at the bottom, which can be ignored.

Workshop works best spread over two days: first day sessions 1-4 second 
day sessions 5-9 Total time: 7-9 hours with practice sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to consensus.=20
                        Why use it
                        What it means and does not mean
                        Prerequsites for consensus
Session 2: Using consensus in a meeting
                        Encouraging ideas
                        The listeners role
                        Modifying a proposal: Why and when not to
                        Calling the question
                        Standing aside, blocking
                        Formal consensus process
Session 3: practise with proposals
Session 4: Sharing Circle: finding the heart of your community

Session 5: Running effective meetings introduction
                The meeting environment
                Emotional environment
                Setting clear expectations: agenda making
Session 6: Facilitation: the key to success
Session 7: Tips and tricks of meeting process
Session 8: Tips and tricks for resolving conflicts and roadblocks
Session 9: Some classic group problem behaviors and how to deal with 

Cost of workshop: $250 for two days, plus expenses such as travel and 
lodging. Put me up in a spare room, feed me, pick me up at the airport 
and the expenses are just airfare. Workshop includes handouts and 
resource lists.
1996  dates are booked up, 1997 has openings starting in March. I only 
do one workshop a month. Call 206-668-2043 to schedule a workshop or 
send email to Floriferous [at] or to Robsan [at]

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