Synergy Cohousing EMAIL address. Synergy100
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 22:55:24 -0500
Synergy Cohousing Email/ Dana Bennett = Synergy100
**     synergy100       _ That's our new email address.
Synergy Cohousing Now has an EMail Address!!
Synergy Cohousing's Project Coordinator, Dana Bennett, is at the helm of our
new email address.

Write to our Synergy email address if you want to. . . . . 
* Ask questions about our group. * Send, us, as a group information.  *  Have
something sent to the group  *  Send DANA BENNETT data, professional
information or files  * Send personal emails to Dana      ****
Please continue to write to individuals in the group, as well as Dana,
because he will be a member of the group. 
Here's our list of current subscribers to email services.


 cbwhy, sareba1, browniemix, hey hoskin,  zpaiss, Honey Cree, hi li win,
Soulbeing, audreylv [at], mjsavage [at],
theboss [at],williams [at], U N ME LUV,
sweinie [at], the shlife, ssavvy [at],  paulhayes [at]

cbwhy= Corey Yugler/ sareba1=Sari Winston/, browniemix=Christine Hoskin, hey
hoskin= Chris Hoskin,  zpaiss= Zev Paiss, Honey Cree=Anne Hyman, hi li
win=Mike Winston, Soulbeing=Shawna Winston, audreylv [at] 
( non-member), mjsavage [at] Anne Savage,
theboss [at]
Shulman,williams [at]  and Jeff, U N ME LUV=Devrah Winston,
sweinie [at] and Michelle Wein, the shlife=Gary Shlifer
 ssavvy [at] = Fay and Walter Reed at their daughter's home. ***
paulhayes [at] = Paul and Julia Hayes ( Non members- reside in
Alabama )

All these address except where noted by the @ symbol are America Online


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