RE: How many cohousing communities?
From: James Graham (jgrahamlamar.ColoState.EDU)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 15:04:16 -0500
On Friday, 20 Sep 96, Stuart Staniford-Chen said:
> I'm curious if anyone has up to date information on how many cohousing
> communities have been developed in North America?  Still better would be
> a list of them...
Attached is a list I have been compiling over the last few months. I started
with the list published in the Cohousing home page on the web and have been
building on that list as I see new ones from a variety of sources.
Please let me know if there are any additions or changes to my list.
    Jim Graham, Greyrock Commons, Fort Collins, Colorado
Sources of information:
  (CoHo-L) CoHousing-L (Listserv discussion list on the InterNet)
  (list) list of co-housing projects in Jan. 1996 issue of CoHousing Magazine
  (magazine) mentioned elsewhere in CoHousing Magazine.
  (www) listed on World Wide Web Co-Housing Home Page
Acacia Cohousing Group, Santa Rosa, CA (24 houses as part of Courtside Village)
August Green CoHousing, Denver, CO (Looking) (list)
Cantina's Island CoHousing, Saugerties, NY (www)
Capital District Cohousing Group, Albany, NY (Looking for Land)(CoHo-L)
Cascadia Commons  (Northwest Intentional Communities Assn) (CoHo-L)
Circle Op Springs, Moab, UT (Purchased) (list)
CoHousing Group of Dallas, Dallas, TX (Potential) (list)
Common Ground, Aspen, CO, (Done 9/94) (list)
Commons on the Alameda, Santa Fe, NM (23 of 28 Done) (list)
Commonweal CoHousing, near Boston, MA (www)
Community for Ecological Living, Tucson, AZ (Looking) (list)
Cornerstone CoHousing, Arlington, MA (www)
Doyle Sreet CoHousing Group, Davis CA?? (retrofit)(CoHo-L)
East Blair Housing Group, Eugene, OR (CoHo-L)
EcoVillage, Ithaca, NY (magazine)
Eden Ranch Community, Paonia, CO (Purchased) (list)
Faraway Ranch, Telluride, CO (Purchased) (list)
Flagstaff CoHousing, Flagstaff, AZ (CoHo-L)
Geneva Community, Lyons, CO (Optioned) (list)
Grell CoHousing Group, Oceano, CA (CoHo-L)
Greyrock Commons, Fort Collins, CO (Nearly  finished) (list)
Harambee Homes, West Side Chicago (Swahili: Let's get together and push)(CoHo-L)
Harmony Village, Golden, CO (Purchased) (list)
Highline Crossing, Littleton, CO (Moving In) (list)
Jewell Hill CoHousing, Sebastopol, CA (CoHo-L)
JP Cohousing, Boston, MA (CoHo-L)
Kennebec Valley CoHousing, Maine, (magazine)
Kinney Ridge, Athens, GA (CoHo-L)
Liberty Village, Baltimore, MD (www)
Marsh Commons, Arcata, CA (www)
Muir Commons, Davis, CA (magazine)
'N' St CoHousing Community, Davis, CA (www)
Nomad CoHousing, Boulder, CO (Purchased) (list)
Nyland Crossing, Lafayette, CO (Done 4/93) (list)
Penrose CoHousing, Penrose, CO (Purchased) (magazine)
Phoenix CoHousing Group, Phoenix, AZ (Looking) (list)
Pine Meadows Group, Payson, AZ (Looking) (list)
Pioneer Valley CoHousing, Amherst, MA (Done) (magazine)
Prescott Area CoHousing, Prescott, AZ (Optioned) (list)
Puget Ridge Cohousing, Seattle, WA (CoHo-L)
Readfield CoHousing, Readfield, ME (www)
Rockland Sustainable Community, New York State (CoHo-L)
Rosewood CoHousing, Port Townsend, WA (www)
San Juan CoHousing, Durango, CO (Looking) (list)
Sandy River Area CoHousing, Maine (www)
Santa Fe CoHousing, Santa Fe, NM (magazine)
Sharingwood, Snohomish County, WA (www)
Sodona Ecovillage, Sodona, AZ (Potential) (list)
Songaia, near Seattle, WA (propose to develop 10.5 acres) (list)
Southside Park CoHousing, Sacramento, CA (www) (Finished for several years)
Synergy Cohousing  ??? (CoHo-L)
Tucson Neighborhood Development Corporation, Tucson, AZ (CoHo-L)
Tucson CoHousing, Tucson, AZ (Potential) (list)
Two Echo (formerly Cumberland) CoHousing, Brunswick, ME (www)
Valley Oaks Village, Chico, CA  (CoHo-L)
Violet Crown CoHousing, Austin, TX (Looking) (list)
Wasatch CoHousing, Salt Lake City, UT (Optioned) (list)
Westwood CoHousing, Asheville, NC (www) (magazine)
Williams Rural CoHousing, Williams, OR (www) (Trying to purchase land)
Winslow CoHousing, Bainbridge Island, WA (near Seattle) (magazine)

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