Re: Businesses inside cohousing or nearby or....
From: Kevin Wolf (
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 01:53:17 -0500
N Street has  a child  care facility for six kids, and four different 
people working out of their homes. One woman  is  a midwife and  
student.  One is a project director for a sustainable ag  organization 
which has  its  offices 100  miles away.   She  has two staff who work 
with her and she uses the common house about once a week to organize 
large scale mailings.  One is a musician who is remodeling  his    home.  
I think  he wants to teach  students lessons there.   I was running a 
Internet training and consulting business  out of a couple rooms  until 
we outgrew it and openned an office downtown.  I still work out of my 
house and ride my bike to the office  a couple times  a week.  There have 
been advantages to this many of us working out ofthe commmunity.  We have 
sometimes helped each other with projects, with the use of each  others 
equipment (especially the copier), and  with comradarie.  

The problem seems to be in lack of space.  We all feel crammed  but 
continue working out of our homes because of the price and convenience.  
the solution might be for us to join together, expand a house and  add in 
sufficient work office space.  

Hope this helps.

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