Re: Businesses inside cohousing or nearby or....
From: Michael Omogrosso (
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 08:55:24 -0500
Thanks for bringing the debate back to a point it was last year, Mike.  I 
seem to recall G.G., rob, and a few others extolling the possibility of 
wiring a group for internet based commerce.  Also some lenghtly 
discussion centered on designing a community layout where central 
childcare and office/workshop space was available in a commons area. 

Cohousing is already economically inbreed.  Some talk did circulate about 
subsidy of ownership or rentals with member status to include  
opportunitiews for the fiscally challenged as a  way to insure diversity 
and help the disenfranchised realize a brighter futur.,  Where is that at?

East Blair, managed and owned by the piss poor, has analyzed our reserve 
funds and determined we can subsidize two out of 22 units for two-fifths 
of the monthly commitment so that the working poor or folks at the 
beginning of governemt subzidy waiting lists for housing can be housed 
without government dependance.

how about reopening that economic diversity debate?

I also agree that reclaiming a developed site makes more environmental 
sense than cutting down trees or paving farmland for new homes.

Sustainalbility issues like this remind me of a news brief.
A woman swimer at an everglades park had been rescued from becoming a 
main course by rangers, They asked if she had seen the sign which read "Danger,
 do not swim!  This is Alligator habitat." "Yes," she replied , but I 
didn't think it applied to me."

Michael Omogrosso
East Blair Housing Cooperative
864 W. 4th Ave. #3, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA
omo [at]    541-344-8444
photographer, community land trust advocate

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