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To anyone who may be able to assist us:
This is a request from the Grell CoHousing Group (now called Tierra Nueva 
We are in need of some advice, ideas, words of wisdom, regarding pet policy.  
We are currently struggling to form a pet policy and realize the emotional 
difficulties that arise when trying to decide what will and will not be 
acceptable, given the diverse and wide range of acceptabilities where pets and 
their owners are concerned.  For example, having lived in condos, I believe 
that pets should be restrained and not allowed to run loose, but others in our 
group believe otherwise and are adament about being able to do as they choose 
with their pets.  Emotions are a definite stressor on this meeting agenda 
item.  Anyone who has dealt with creating pet policies for your community, we 
would appreciate what policy you have created or any ideas on how to develop a 
policy without losing valuable community members.  As you may know, we are in 
the pre-breaking ground stages and are speeding ahead to all the complications 
and things that need to get done, pet policy seems to be one of those 
important concerns.  Thanks to all! Corrine Tierra Nueva CoHousing

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