Two Questions
From: Catherine Harper (
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 13:36:32 -0500
Are there any groups that own propety that is not contiguous with their
primary cohousing site?  

We've been discussing various cohousing models with friends, and one idea
that has had much appeal is to have a cohousing site somewhat out in the
relative sticks (currently we're all located in the greater seattle area)
but also to have the group own a condo in city.  (Not to be anyone's
permanant residence, but as a common resource.)  Obviously we're still in
the sitting around over dinner and kicking around ideas phase -- does
anyone have experience with anything like this?

The other question is a bit more tangential to co-housing.  We're buying a
house that's on a large piece of property including a moderately busy
street.  Currently the section closest to the street (the property slopes
down towards the street) has a lot of trees, though not especially dense
foliage.  Does anyone have any recommendations for cutting down on the
street noise?  (If your curious, it will probably end up being a shared


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