Seats in the Common House Dining Area
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 18:28:12 -0500

In rsponse to your query

1) How many people actually live on your site? 

17 adults, 4 little ones, one teen

2) On average, how many eat at the Common House nightly?

 8-16 incl kids

2) How many seats does your Common House have for dining? 

16 comfortably at our two main tables, An additional 6 at a third rarely
used table.

3) Are you happy with that ratio? Yes  Do you need more seats, or could
you do with less? 

 [You mean "fewer" I'm sure] We couldn't have done with fewer. S'matter of
fact, we have to bring in an extra table and bring out extra folding chairs
(we only have 12 of our fancy Danish designer chairs) when we
(occaisionally) have more than 20 for dinner. What's really important IMHO
is the shape and leg placement of your dining room tables. The legs on our
new tables are right on the edge so that even though there is plenty of
table top to seat 10 people comfortably, the maximum number of chairs that
can fit around our tables when the wings are out is 8. Six or maximum 8 is
the ideal number of seats at one table, and round tables are not a good idea
cause they take up too much room.Ask me more about table legs if you wish.

BTW I think making do with odds and ends of donated or Goodwill tables and
chairs in the first few weeks or even months is an excellent idea. You will
be so glad to be moved in, you won't notice that your stuff doesn't match,
and you will get a really good idea about the sizes and shapes of table that
work (or don't work) for you. Also,  it's nice to save that proportionately
small, but still sigmificant  chunk of change until you've had some time to
experiment with hand-me-downs; this kind of experiment you can't do, say,
say with built-in light fixtures, or flooring materials.

Joani Blank
Doyle St. CoHousing
Old Oakland CoHousing. (Do you really want end-of-the-road CoHousing? We
think living in the city is a terrific idea! And it's the beautiful San
Francisco Bay area. Step right up! Only 14 spaces left!)

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