Re: Businesses inside cohousing or nearby or
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 09:11:48 -0500

It's hard enough to get 25 or 30 households together each of whom is ready
to move to a new house often in a new town in 3-7years, and put up tons of
time, money and energy to get it built, never mind expect that there are
going to be even two or three (never mind more) folks among them who are
ready to go into business together in a business that they can do "at home"
or nearby. The law of averages suggests that this is highly unlikely. 

Also, it is a rare person who can work well with the person or people they
also live with, and living in cohousing bears a lot of resemblence to living
in the same household. (i.e., if I were your supervisor at work and then had
to be your assistant cook at "home"....).

Also, most of us have to be pretty well established in our careers in order
to afford to live in cohousing, so whether we currently work at home or
elsewhere at a "job." most us are not casting around for a business to start
with other like minded people who happen to be moving into cohousing with us. 

Also, don't assume that everyone who is not working at home in cohousing or
at a coho-based business commutes an hour to work and pollutes the
atmosphere in doing so. Many of us want to live or do live in places where
we can bike or walk to work or take public transportation. 


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