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Subject: cohousing questionnaire

As a student working on a master's thesis on the development of
community in cohousing, I'd like to ask those of you in cohousing groups
for some assistance. If you could take the time to fill out the attached
questionnaire, I'd greatly appreciate it. Please answer these questions to
the best of your knowledge of your cohousing group, and if you want to
skip one, feel free! If you have any questions or are interested in any of
my findings, please contact me at sad9k [at] Thanks so much for
taking the time to do this!!

Sarah Dennis
University of Virginia
School of Architecture



1) How was your group begun?
a-efforts of an individual
b-efforts of a group of friends
c-outside developer/contractor/architect

2) How long has the group been meeting?
a-less than 1 yr
b-1-3 yrs
c-3+ yrs

3) What is the organizational structure/ how are decisions made?
b-committee/small group/individual
c-executive board

4) At what stage in the cohousing process are you?
a-initial meeting/group formation
b-site/contractor selection
c-site plan/design

5) How frequently does the group meet?
c-several times/yr

6) What type of group activities take place? Are these mandatory?
a-group dinners
b-other social gatherings
c-community projects
d-volunteer work outside cohousing

7)How are new members recruited?
a-word of mouth
b-media publicity

8) Do you retain right of first refusal towards new members?
             YES                       NO

9) What is the primary reason most members joined?
b-sense of community
c-assistance with raising children
d-location of development

10) What are common values shared by group?
a-desire for community
b-family values/children
d-diversity/ living with other cultures

11) What term would you use to describe the way most feel about others in
the group?
a-extended family
b-close friend

12) How would you characterize the majority of your group
 age mix?
 family type/makeup?
13) What is owned in common by all members?
b-common house
c-daycare center, workshop, other bldgs
d-outside investments

14) Do you feel a sense of community exists among the members?
              YES                      NO

15)Have there been any "value conflicts" within the group that have had
to be resolved? If so, how were they resolved?


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