re:metering common heating system
From: Tom Lent (
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 17:28:48 -0500
FLOW METER ACCURACY: We probably will be using a $90 Spectrum single jet
water meter by Metron Technology of Boulder CO (303-449-8300) that is tested
at +or- 1.5% accuracy starting at very low flow (1/15 gpm for the 5/8"
model). Shold be plenty of accuracy for this purpose.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FLOWS AND HEAT: Tom from Winslow raises an important
point glossed over in my quick description (so much for getting off the
internet fast the other day). The relationship between the amount of heat
you actually use (so the amount of electric or gas use you should be
responsible for) and the amount of water that flows is not as straighforward
as it might at first seem. The heat flow will be a function of both the
amount of water pumped through the system AND the temperature that the water
drops as it goes through the radiant floor system or fan coils or whatever
you are using to distribute it. If one house has longer lengths of piping in
its radiant floor than another, or is set up so it flows at a faster rate,
or has a different system (such as fan coils instead of radiant floor), the
heat used by the house for every gallon of water through the system will be
different. We will start with a factor based on the differences in design
between the two units systems than do some calibrating when it is in and
running. Stay tuned and wish us luck. My hats off to the commmunities that
are courageous enough to be able to bypass metering and just split their bills. 

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