From: ElanaKahn (
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 07:05:49 -0500
Rebecca Bryant asked about Cohousing groups who have made permaculture a key
programming feature. Westwood CoHousing Community in Asheville, NC has worked
closely with Chuck Marsh, a permaculture consultant near here, on our site
plan.  We will be doing most of the plantings ourselves, over the first
several years. After we move in Chuck will continue to teach us to plant,
care for and live on our 4+-acre site which is designed on permaculture
principles. We will have almost no lawn, and plan to have a lot of edible
landscaping in garden areas and along walkways and climbing up fences and
trellises. About half the site is wooded, which we are leaving alone.

Elana Kahn
Westwood CoHousing Community, where we plan to start construction before the
end of the year, and where 4 of the 24 dwellings are still available.

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