re: Permaculture
From: Ari Solovyova (
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 15:37:19 -0500
I posted incorrect instructions for subscribing to Permaculture-mg a few 
days ago.

Here's the right way:

"To subscribe to permaculture-mg, include the following command:

subscribe permaculture-mg 

in the body of a message to "almanac [at]".

Anyone interested in sustainable communities should consider subscribing
to the sustainable technologies electronic mailing list, sustain-l. To
subscribe, send a message to mailserv [at] containing the line


in its body. The list's focus is described as follows: 

A discussion group on sustainability issues, in particular, the
development and maintenance of sustainable communities, including but not
limited to topics such as sustainable technology, permaculture, self-
sufficiency, production and enterprise, exchange systems, group dynamics,
decision-making, governance, and external systems (zoning, building codes,
taxes, finance, insurance, etc). 

(This is taken from .)


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