Re: Houses/home/ vs. Units
From: TomMOENCH (
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 23:13:46 -0500

Cute story about Chuck and Katie's daughter Jessie.  I will have to tell it
when I facilitate our General Meeting in November. I guess it just wouldn't
be as endearing a story if it was a "common unit fly."

Joani wrote <Not all coho communities are made up of single family or houses
or homes
like Winslow is.>

Neither is Winslow, made up that is, with single family houses.  We actually
have 10 duplexes, one fourplex and one sixplex (we sound like a movie theater
complex--now showing, one lifetime only, the horror of all horror films, two
thumbs down by Siskel and Ebert, "You Can Move In But You Can Never Leave" --
based on the true life story of a family in cohousing ).  And, of course, we
also have a free-standing Common Unit. 

I  felt alone about this "unit" vs "home" thing, until some of your kind
responses. For the longest time I was the only person to refer to homes or
houses here at Winslow (well, I still am). I am glad to know I am not all
alone now. Some of you with older memories (or memories at all if you went
through the development phase with your group) might recall that I wrote a
piece called, "I Don't Live in a Unit,"  three years or so back. And yes,
"Unit" is a production term and I certainly don't live in one. Mine is a
nice, cozy, snuggly home. Thank you all very much for your opinions.

Keep those letters and cards acoming!


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