Homeschooling in Cohousing?
From: Kim Sand (
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 09:52:15 -0600
Hello All,

I joined your list right after returning home from the Cohousing
Conference in Sacramento two weeks ago... been lurking 'til now.

I'm not and haven't been part of any official cohousing group, but have
been thinking and talking to friends, through the ups and downs of 8
years, about cohousing. 

I am touched by the sense of community, both within the individual
cohousing groups as I experienced them at the conference and also within
this network of cohousers linked by computers.

At the conference and in your archives I've been looking to see if there
are homeschoolers among cohousers. (So far I've found some interest, but
no practice.) I am homeschooling my only child, an 8 yr old, with the
help of his dad and in connection with a local charter school set up by
long time homeschoolers to support us newbies. 

Homeschooling, in my view (and like cohousing...again in my view), is
done with the belief that it can facilitate the broadening and
deepening, as well as the flexibility, of the connections possible. (I
am, I hope clearly, not talking about fear based isolationism.)

So, if you're still with me, I'm interested in feedback and as it is
possible, being directed toward folk with affinity.

I'm happy to talk via the list or directly: kim [at]

Thank you,  Kim

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