RE: Funding for non-traditional projects
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 10:35:22 -0600
Denise wrote :The next week I
was driving by the new Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland (straw
bale construction, among other innovative techniques used) and guess which 
bank was providing the construction financing!

Banks often will do "service projects" which they contribute lending for 
things which they are willing to portfolio loan on, at low rates, and with the 
idea of advertising. These deals are usually cut with an executive of the 
bank, such as a senior VP or the president and often are extensively 
advertised with signs and such "Funding by a grant from US bank". Etc. 

These are typically one time, non-residental, community projects, although 
some banks do a bit of innovative housing at high risk. Winslows Coop loan is 
one example of such a deal, which was arranged by a V.P of a smallish credit 

Here in the NW there is some sort of Green fund which has been used to finance 
some eco-stuff. I do not have exact details, but heard about it from the 
Seattle eco-builders guild. Similiar sorts of things probably exist elsewhere. 
Once upon a time I ran across a great little booklet in the Seattle Greenpeace 
library called "funding sources for non-profits" It listed several grant 
giving and other sorts of organizations, funds, and even some commercial bank 
"special project" awards and funds.

There are a number of non-profit housing associations, set up to secure grants 
and funding for low income which have different rules and expectations. The 
folks who run these are usually extremely knowlegable about all the details 
and programs.

Rob Sandelin
Where the rain deters anybody from even thinking about straw houses.

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