Pointer to best-posting locations?
From: Christina Hilliard-LCH005 (Christina_Hilliard-LCH005email.mot.com)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:07:35 -0600
I am told that a recent (?) posting listed popular types of locations for 
posting cohousing flyers and announcements.  The source recalled that the 
list included supermarkets and libraries.

I dutifully and thoroughly searched the COHOUSING-L archives, by topic and 
keyword, and although the nicely-implemented search-engine and index are  
EZ-to-use and yield detailed results, I did not find it.  

(Might I also put in a plug for the use of relevant Subject-lines.  When 
hunting in the index, one also quickly appreciates helpful, accurate 
Subject-lines like "Advertising in local newspapers" vs. "[No subject]".) 

Would the poster, or anyone, reply off-line with the original info; OR post 
your group's "best methods?"  

We've found that a few strategically-placed and frequently-checked posters 
and flyers draw more calls than the kind of mass flyer-drops that commercial 
services can provide.  For out next postings, we want to maximize the 
payback for the hours spent driving around, tacking on bulletin boards...

Christina Hilliard
Commonweal Village of Grafton, MA
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