People/Earth Centered Agreement & Mission
From: Denise Cote (
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 15:56:37 -0600
Many thanks to Mike Mariner for posting the Geneva community mission 
statement and agreements.  (I won't post them again--they're long).  I am 
looking forward to reading your comments and discussion and will do my 
best, as a member of Geneva, to respond to any questions.  I also want to 
give credit to Marian Head, who is the principal wordsmith of the 
document and the owner of the copyright.  Geneva (and Marian) grants 
permission to everyone who wants to reprint or publish it.  We only ask 
that, if you do so, you give credit to Geneva Community and Marian Head.  
As it says in #6, "To express appreciation for others:  I agree to 
acknowledge others."

We read the whole thing out loud before every meeting, and use them as a 
touchstone for decisions.  They help us maintain harmony and clarity as 
we seek "the third way," the way that emerges when the group dynamic 
takes us beyond what we can ordinarily achieve on our own.  (Whoa, back 
to earth, Denise, you're getting too "out there" :-} ).

If anyone would like a hard copy, send me your request with a SASE and 
I'll pop one in the mail to you:  4439 Driftwood Pl, Boulder, CO  80301.  
BTW, Mike reported that we are full, which is true right at the moment, 
but it's highly likely that we're going to be granted a few more building 
lots, which means we may soon have room for more members.

Denise Cote
denise [at]

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