Re: strawbale common house
From: Eric D. Hart (
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 00:09:39 -0600
Linda Felch wrote on this list:

>We at Heathcote Community found the following useful in our research for 
>a straw bale common house.
>    * Strawbale Construction Planbook of Easy to Build Homes:
>       The Community Eco-design Network in Minneapolis has just published
>       this planbook which has 10 small house plans, a common house for
>       cohousing, and 4 construction details that incorporate strawbales.
>       Additional details on our ideas for organizing a builders co-op
>       and how the co-op can develop a program which helps people attain
>       financial independence are also included. COST: $10, includes
>       shipping and handling.
>       Please make checks out to 'Pillsbury Neighborhood Services' and
>       mail to:    
>       Steve Gustafson
>       Pillsbury Neighborhood Services
>       Oak Park Neighborhood Center
>       1701 Oak Park AVE North
>       Minneapolis, MN 55411
        Thanks for the advertising! (I'm one of the authors of the planbook)
The only think I would add is that we now have *four* plans for common
houses in the planbook which can be constructed using strawbale or
superinsulated techniques.  There is also a strategy for getting into a
community which involves transitional housing.  I can provide more details
for anyone that is interested.

Eric D. Hart                    
Community Eco-design Network      
Minneapolis, MN  USA            
(612) 305-2899 
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