RE: Pointer to best-posting locations
From: Paul Conahan (
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 07:35:45 -0600
Our group has found the following sites to be the most productive places
to post flyers:

1) Churches (we also mail a dozen or so brochures to various churches
and request that they be displayed; surprisingly, most churches will do

2) Public libraries.  If possible, post flyers near the xerox machines
since they are a captive audience.

3) Supermarkets

4) Cafes; if your town is like the rest of the country, there are
probably a couple dozen cafes you can hit.  Most cafes have community
bulleting boards.

5) Health food stores like Whole Foods

6) The last recommendation is particular to university towns (we are in
Ann Arbor, Michigan), but we have received a number of responses from
postings targeted to graduate and married student housing.

I'm sure there are dozens more, and I look forward to seeing other
groups ideas!

Paul Conahan
Ann Arbor Cohousing Community
20 of 42 Units Sold

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