RE: Pointer to best-posting locations (additional comment)
From: Paul Conahan (
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 07:49:57 -0600
On a related topic, I would also like to point out the obvious that one
you attract people with your flyers, you need to have a consistent
system in place for follow-up.  Every group will develop its own
methods, but the easiest system is to use e-mail.

Our group collects information from people (including e-mail address)
when they first attend an informational presentation.  I think you will
be surprised how many people nowadays have e-mail.  Probably 40-50% of
our attendees have e-mail addresses.  Not to stereotype, but even older
people use e-mail to keep in touch with grandkids, etc.  Simply set up a
mailing list, and once a month (or whatever), send out a message
announcing dates, times, and places for upcoming brunches, work meetings
(for new people to observe), or other social events.  It takes about 5
minutes a month to do this type of "mailing", and is essentially free.

Paul Conahan
Ann Arbor Cohousing

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