Solar Energy for Colorado Cohousing
From: Denise Cote (
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 10:46:54 -0600
Dr. Barbara Farher of the National Renewable Evergy Laboratory asked me 
to post the following on the Cohousing List:

>The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Colorado Office of 
>Energy Conservation are working with a number of Colorado utilities to 
>investigate customer interest in grid-tied rooftop PV systems as a utility 
>service option....This market assessment will help the Colorado utilities 
involved to 
>determine whether they will offer rooftop grid-tied PV systems as a 
>service option to their customers, and if so, what PV product(s) will best 
>meet the needs of those customers.  

>*Some of the utilities participating in 
>this market assessment also plan to offer a limited number of these 
>systems to their customers in the spring of 1997.  The names of customers 
>participating in this market assessment will be forwarded to their 
>electric utility as potential candidate customers for these systems.*
>As a first step in this market assessment, NREL needs to identify, contact 
>and interview Colorado utility customers who are interested in purchasing, 
>leasing, or otherwise obtaining a grid-tied, rooftop PV system through 
>their electric utility company.  NREL will interview these customers about 
>their interest and their preferences for product  attributes, and forward 
>their names to their respective utility companies.

If you are interested in being a candidate for this project and possibly 
purchasing PV systems at a greatly reduced cost, contact me for the 
complete form.  Existing Colorado residences as well as new construction 
in 1997 may be eligible.


Denise Cote
denise [at]

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