Home Schooling
From: Rebbry (Rebbryaol.com)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 11:21:11 -0700 (MST)
I submit this on behalf of Heather McCarty, fellow member of Ozark CoHousing:

We are in the beginning stages of planning a CoHousing community near
Fayetteville, AR.  I want to homeschool my own children in the context of
this community.  I am not practicing homeschooling now, as my oldest child is
3 1/2 and the next will be born in February.

I see a coHousing community as an ideal place to homeschool for the reasons
that Heidi states.  Right now I am concerned with involving other households
with children who are committed to homeschooling in our process.  Is there
anyone who is involved in CoHousing and homeschooling who could speak to this
concern. Did you start the community with others who intended to homeschool
or did that aspect evolve at a later stage?

I found it exciting and encouraging to read Heidi's letter, as it speaks of
things I have imagined--it's great to know it is being practiced out there.
 I too would like to know of other homeschooling cohousers.  

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