Has anyone used a professional marketing firm for recruitment?
From: Marti Major (marti.majorgenetics.utah.edu)
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 12:57:30 -0600
Hi, I'm new at this.  Please welcome me and pardon my uninitiated manner
if it should offend. 

So here's my plea for help from the CoHo community.  Has anyone
successfully used a professional real estate marketing firm?  If you
have, what was it like? Cost, results, recommendations... 

I am writing you from the "Wasatch Front" here in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Congratulations to us, we just closed on our property 
yesterday, Oct.31, 1996.  We bought 4.5 acres for our community of 26
units and one common house.  At this time we have federal tax
credits to develop 5 low income housing units for 5 "lease to own
homes".  In addition for the
funds to build those 5, we have 12 seemingly heavily committed
households.  We need 9 more households before March 1997.  We might end
up building in phases, but we would like to avoid that. 

We've had a tough time recruiting because we are in a very very very
conservative region.  We need help finding those who are interested, and
financially able to do cohousing.  We need to find families and
households looking for new homes and INTERESTED IN COMMUNITY, and

Marketing our projects seems to be one place the network should be able
to support individual projects through shared experiences.  Anyone
interested in engaging in a long drawn out chat on marketing cohousing
issues should dive right in.
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