From: Joani Blank (
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 12:46:13 -0600

Briefly cause I'm in a rush:

1. I know that Highline Crossing in Colorado used or uses a professional
real estate marketing company. Debbie Behrens or someone else from there
should respond to you or the list. 

2. The best way to market to a conservative population (IMHO) is NOT to
insist that you are NOT a commune, a cooperative or communists. This means
even using the word "community" sparingly and generally, and sometimes even
limiting the use of "cohousing" UNTIL you get 'em to an orientation where
you can explain yourselves better. Phrases like "private residences with
extensive shared facilities" will do better in the early stages. It's also
good to use the word neighbor and neighborhood (meaning your fellow
cohousers, not the people who live adjacent to or nearby to your site) a lot. 

Especially play down common meals at first even though you know them to be
the glue that holds every coho community together. It's cool to stress that
your housing will be clustered to preserve as much open space as you can.
You might even want to draw some rough site sketches to show how your site
might have looked with single family dwellings stressing heavy lines between
lots in a conventional site plan vs a feeling of openness in your plan.  

Congratulations on 

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