Household composition survey
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 01:36:42 -0600

Well, some of you may remember that back in July I asked people to send me a
listing of the household "type" in your cohousing community. I intended to
get the summary back on to the list by the beginning of August, but life got
in the way. Since it has taken me so long to get it together, I would like
to give groups who didn't respond before a chance to do so now before I did
the summary and feed it back to you. Here are the groups I already have the
data for:

Pioneer Valley
Jewell Hill
Mimosa Grove (Hey, Mimosa Grove, where are you located?)
Cardiff Place
Muir Commons
"N" Street
Doyle Street

Berkeley CoHousing on Sacramento Street  (AKA Flying Palms) Actually, I
don't have yours, but should be able to get it by phone if no one responds
to this. 

Southside Park (I'm embarrassed to say that I have lost your data.  Could
whoever sent it before please resend. Thanks!)

Some communities I'd really like to hear from, but haven't yet: Puget Ridge,
Nyland,  Valley Oaks, Marsh Commons. Highline Crossing, Cambridge,
Commonweal, Eno Commons, Synergy, Commons on the Alameda. BUT don't be shy
if you are not on this list. These are just some I am familiar with. 

Here's the original request (well, it is slightly edited):

[You don't have to be moved in or even building or totally sold out to
answer this, but please be an established group with some longevity or a
site secured or both, and have at least six or seven households committed.]
Don't worry about confidentiality. These data will be presented only in the

How many of each of the following household "types" currently live in your

1.Two parent families with one or more children         
2. Single parents (women, men)
3. Single men under 60, Over 60
4. Single women under 60, Over 60:
5. Gay couples. Lesbian couples
6. "Out" gay, lesbian or bisexual single people
7. Heterosexual couples with no children or grown children living elsewhere
8. Two or more unrelated adults (not in partnerships) sharing a dwelling
9. Other. (Please explain.) 

Also, please tell me the total number of 

Adults over 60
Adults under 60
Infants and toddlers

These last three are arbitrary. You decide which kids belong in which
category. (approximations are fine). In the first go-round several
communities reported on pregnancies brewing. If you tell me you have a
pregnant person in your group, I am going to count that pregnancy as an
infant, because some time within the next nine months it will be. 

Remember, If you wish to participate, PLEASE send your response to: 
jeblank, NOT to cohousing-l. Thanks.

Joani Blank

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