FREE recycled R-11 fiberglass insulation, MV, CA
From: Loren Davidson (
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 17:51:58 -0600
Hi...I hate to take up bandwidth for anyone outside the Bay area, but don't
have contact info for people like Sacto St. CoHo at my fingertips right now.

I'm passing this on without having physically checked it, but this should be
reliable info.  Good luck, and happy hunting!


>Subject: FREE recycled R-11 fiberglass insulation, MV, CA
>There's half a parking lot full of dusty but sound and reusable
>fiberglass insulation available in Mountain View opposite Netscape's HQ
>buildings.  Sign says "Free Insulation" and the stack is head-high in
>spots.  Come and get it!
>present at 3:00 p.m. Thursday 11/7/96
>1/4 mile from 101, use Ellis exit away from Hanger One (Moffat Air
>Field) and turn right at Middlefield, parking lot is on your right.
>The parking lot faces Middlefield and opposite 487 E. Middlefield,
>Netscape's building #5
>paper-faced fiberglass insulation
>R-11 (3.5 inches thick, standard thickness for 2x4 construction)
>Owens-Corning brand (pink)
>cut lengths of approximately 4 feet
>fits standard stud spacing/16-inch centers 
>dusty but not filthy
>How much
>A large commercial building's worth of ceiling insulation
>Stacked fairly neatly, the heaps were 3-5 feet high and covered 20-30
>parking spaces at least.
>The building at the corner of E. Middlefield and Ellis (a T intersection
>is being demolished appropriately, with separation  and recycling of
>bring gloves 
> a big truck or trailer or van
> a dust mask
> drop cloth if loading in car or van
>Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!
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loren [at]
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