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From: Larry Israel (
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 02:57:49 -0600
Jennifer McCoy asked:
> We in Atlanta are wondering how those of you in urban cohousing sites have
> solved the problem of offsite parking -- i.e. getting groceries, kids,
> etc. from the parking site to the houses. Have you found any great kind
> of carts to use, and if so could you tell us the manufacturer and the
> size? We are about to construct a handicapped ramp that could be used for
> such things, and want to make sure it's wide enough to accommodate some
> kind of cart that we might find.

We have 3 (or 4?) carts here at Puget Ridge.  I'm pretty sure we didn't buy
them as a group.  They all just showed up.  I don't know where they came
from but, as far as I can guess, they were owned before by various
households who decided to share them with everyone.  Similarly, we have an
amazing array of tools of all sorts (especially gardening) that everyone
contributed to the community after move-in.

All of our carts are of the same general design, but appear to be from
different makers.  All are low to the ground, have 2 large inflatable
tires, and a removable slat in the front for dumping a load.  They vary in
size, and in the use of metal or wood for the various parts.  We use them
for all sorts of tasks, especially landscaping and gardening as well as
moving groceries and household items.  Only one of them has a label on it.
It reads "Homestead Carts, Salem OR, 87305  (503) 390-5586."  It's pretty
nice, tho probably not the best of them.  That one's about 29 inches wide
on the outside, another is about 32 inches, and the third is wider still
(I'm not sure where it is right now to measure it).

Sorry for taking so long to reply.  I have a hard time keeping up with this

Larry Israel
Puget Ridge Cohousing
Seattle WA

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