Celebration at Valley Oaks Village (Chico, CA)
From: Cohomag (Cohomagaol.com)
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 13:01:04 -0600
I am passing along to list subscribers this announcement which I picked up in
printed form a few days ago during a visit to the new cohousing community in
Don Lindemann
cohomag [at] aol.com
You are cordially invited to join us in a

Milestone Celebration at Valley Oaks Village
[Chico's first cohousing neighborhood]
Saturday, November 16, 1996
from 1:00 to 4:00 pm
To be held on the site at Wild Oak Lane

By November 16, most construction will be complete and most families will
have moved into their residences. The work and joys of neighborhood building
will continue - as it is never-ending - but we wanted to take this
opportunity to pause and celebrate the progress: to thank the many wonderful
people who have supported and worked on this project, to enjoy this milestone
with our larger neighborhood and friends.

Music and refreshments
Ribbon cutting at 2:00
Tours of the neighborhood and homes
Special events to commemorate the occasion

Please note: There is limited space on the site for automobile parking.
Please consider one of the following alternatives: 1) Walking or bike riding.
The Forest
Avenue exit from the Chico Creek bike path is immediately East of the Deer
2) Public transportation. CATS route 5 has a stop on Forest Avenue very near
to the Village. 3) Car pooling with friends. [There is ample automobile
nearby on 8th Avenue near the Forest Avenue junction.]

We hope you will join us!
For additional information, please call: 893-9379 (general),
343-6714 (Jay), 343-5411 (Mike), or 342-2803 (Sally)

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