Re: Membership selection
From: Denise Cote' (
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 12:28:17 -0600
Marty Roberts of Jewell Hill, Sebastopol, CA wrote:
>I am curious if any of the built communities out there ever experienced a
>situation something like this before you were built:
>*You have only a few units not spoken for
>*You feel there are not enough children or young families in the community
>*You have people interested in joining the community  or being associate
>members or on a waiting list that do not fit this profile.
>How were such people handled?  Or any ideas on how you might handle such a

We have this situation now at Geneva and we're wondering what to do.  One 
of the problems seems to be that families with children require more 
certainty about the outcome before they can invest time and money.  Right 
now we can't provide that certainty, because our remaining spaces depend 
on county approval.  Meanwhile, singles and childless couples are queuing 
up on the waiting list on the chance that there will be space.  They're 
wonderful people, but we aren't meeting our goals for number of 
households with children.  Any suggestions?

Geneva Community, Lyons, CO

Denise Cote'
Boulder, Colorado
denise [at]

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