Consensus Training
From: Zpaiss (
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:39:22 -0600
Hello Fellow Cohousers:

Zev here. Reading the comments about consensus prompts me to put in a word or
two about how I might be able to help groups with consensus, facilitation and
conflict resolution issues.

I have been working with consensus for the past five years and have twice
taken the five day workshop given by Caroline Estes here in Colorado.  As was
stated she is an excellent trainer and I feel very fortunate to have her as a
mentor. Since Caroline and I are both Board members of the FIC (Fellowship
for Intentional Community) I have the opportunity to practice facilitation in
her presence at least twice a year.  It really helps keep me on my toes!

Since taking her first Colorado training about four years ago, I have
provided consensus help for many cohousing groups including Geneva (prior to
Buzz and Denise's most welcome arrival), Nyland, Highline Crossing, Greyrock
Commons, Harmony Village, CO., Westwood and Eno Commons, N.C., Dallas, TX,
and Columbia, MO.

As part of several of these realtionships I have trained a small group of
people in more advances aspects facilitation and consensus.  In this way a
group learns how to carry on the skills learned in a weekend workshop.

Having well run meetings and clear processes in place is critical to the
smooth functioning of any group, especially a coho group.  For those of us
now living in our communities, ongoing consensus and facilitation tuneups
seems to be an important part of long term health of the community.

I would be happy to work with any group wanting help in these area.  Feel
free to contact me online or by phone at 303-499-8189.

Take Care,   Zev 

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