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From: Zpaiss (
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:39:47 -0600
Dear Marty,

The situation you describe regarding left over units and attempting to fill
the last units with people that fill out your diversity is quite common.

At Nyland I remember that the group "reserved" five units for ethnic
minorities.  This was quite informal and never really attracted what was
hoped for for a variety of reasons.  

I know that Westwood coho in Ashville has been reserving some of their last
units for families with small children.  I suggest you make some kind of
policy to reserve a certain number of units for kids up to a certain date.
 Until then, place people on the waiting list in order so they know when the
freeze will be lifted and they don't have to wait without having some idea
when they will know if they are in or out.

Having a few leftover units all the way up to groundbreaking is not
necessarily a problem if you have a healthy waiting list and the banks will
give you your construction loans with a few unsold units.

Either way you will have all the pricing information before you begin
construction so those people will have all the information they need to
decide prior to construction.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Zev Paiss

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