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From: Cohomag (
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 14:26:36 -0600
I appreciate the report from Ray Gasser on the fire at Ecovillage Ithaca.
I talked to Liz Walker (co-director of the project) this morning, and it
like group members (and the wider community) are pulling together to move
ahead after this sad turn of events.  There will be a complete report (with
pictures) in the next issue of the CoHousing Journal.
Since Zev Paiss and I are now finalizing stories for the Winter issue, I
thought I?d make a specific request for updates from other groups, ESPECIALLY
groups that have recently passed (or are about to pass) major milestones of
some kind.  We?d like to include such updates in a roundup section in the
front of the magazine (similar to ?Heard Around the Internet? section on page
5 of last summer?s issue).  
I think reports would be of general interest to list subscribers, but you can
also email directly to me at cohomag [at]  The deadline for possible
inclusion in the journal is November 30.
Don Lindemann (editor)
P.S. Many groups have already submitted items to one of our regional editors
for inclusion in one of our "regional inserts."  The last-minute items that
we are soliciting now will appear in a section that is included in ALL
regional editions.

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