Fire at Ithaca Eco-Village
From: Heather (
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 06:53:24 -0600
I am guessing that everyone has been as stunned as I was upon hearing
about the fire at Ithaca's Eco-Village.  I am in the Capital DIstrict
Cohousing Group in ALbany, NY over three hours away from Ithaca.  Sunday
night a friend in Ithaca called me to tell me about the fire.  His
information was sketchy but Ray's message confirmed the worst.

I'm glad Rob Sandelin wrote to express the sympathy that I know we all
feel for Ithaca.  It seems especially eerie to me as I had the opportunity
to visit the Ithaca community in September one week before the first move-ins.
I stood in the common house (it was just the frame and some floors then)
and looked out at the pond.  All week I've been haunted by an image of
flames reflected in that pond.
    I just want to wish the Ithaca Eco-village cohousers well.  Having had the
pleasure of sitting in on two meetings during my visit I believe the strength
of the group will see you through.   Good luck.

In community,
Heather Sullivan-Catlin
Capital DIstrict Cohousing Group
Albany, NY
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