Street or Driveway?
From: Thomas Alexander (70372.267CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 09:45:55 -0600
My wife and I are considering getting involved with a cohousing group in
Rochester, NY, and to prepare for that, I've been reading everything I can find
on cohousing, including the subject structured archives of Cohousing-L in web

One note has gotten me thinking.  (Actually, several have gotten me thinking,
but with this one, I need some clarification.)

My question is, in cohousing, do the streets seem like private driveways or
public roads?  One cohouser wrote (in the archives) that anyone walking down her
street, unless invited by a resident, would be trespassing.  She went on to say
that there would be no reason anyone would assume that they can walk on her
community's private property - just as nobody would assume they can walk on
someone's front lawn in a conventinal neighborhood.

I question that.  Unless there is a sign at the entrance, how is anyone going to
know whether this is public or private?  In something so often misunderstood as
cohousing, why assume anything.

For example, I grew up in a conventional neighborhood of single family homes.
The street, which was private property before the land was developed, was given
to the town.  Since the street was owned by the general public, the general
public could use it for walks, gawking, exploring, whatever.  Now, on the other
hand, I live in a condo.  Our street is not owned by the general public, but
rather in common with the 94 homeowners.  Still, I had no reservations about
using this street before I moved here and would be very suprized if an uninvited
non-resident walking on my street was ever accused of trespassing - even though
it is private property.

Would a stranger walking down a common street in a cohousing neighborhood feel
like he's trespassing?


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