Re: Ann: could we try a study group?
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:08:20 -0600
Benjmsher [at] wrote:

> One way out of this fog perhaps is to have a study group within
> cohousing communiites (that incidentally might include some folks who
> don't live in cohousing) on parenting/child development. The study group
[list of study topics]
> In short, I believe that only when we can step back, together, and take
> a look at the whole picture of our lives in a deeper way and share our
> deepest selves with each other, will we be able to equip ourselves with
> enough wisdom to set to work on these particular questions such as child
> labor in cohousing.

Hmmm.  It seems, then, that it might be quite some time before we can  
get the kids to do the dishes. :-)

Stuart Staniford-Chen
N St Cohousing.

(Just say, I like process, but ...)

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