Fire at DragonBelly
From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 16:50:28 -0600
I want to thank all of yu who have expressed your support.  The local 
community in the area has extended support for the family who was living 
in the house.  The children at the school that their youngest has been 
attending have started a fund and are gathering donations.  Other people 
in the community have offered help as well including the folks at 
Rosewind Cohousing in Pt. Townsend.  It has been awkward getting some of 
it to them so far because of the holiday.  It should move more quickly 
now.  There is even a rental agent looking for a place for them.  They 
could not move into the mobile home on the land because there have been 
cats in the house and Margaret has allergies.

We have been talking to insurance adjuster.  Investigators are exploring 
the cause of the fire.  Hopefully all goes well and we will receive 
money to rebuild.  We are looking for others to rent the mobile home and 
to do agriculture on the land.  (We planted over 100 fruit trees about 
six years ago.)

Thank you again.


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