Re: book review: (was community building and child/family involvement)
From: Thomas Alexander (70372.267CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 03:51:47 -0600
Dianne Simpsone wrote:

>>I thought Carolyn Shaffer and Kristen Anudsen's book, "Creating Community
Anywhere"  was excellent.<<
        Having just read this book because I found a note in the
cohousing-l archives rating the book as "excellent," I feel compelled
to say that I would rate the book as "merely okay."

>>It points out a great many opportunities for creating community
right where you are.<<
        Mostly the book is about non-residential community one one
extreme and "visionary" community on the other.  Neither of these
would seem of much appeal to those attracted to the residential,
non-invasive community which cohousing is supposed to provide.
        The book did more to point out to me what I am NOT looking
for than to help me find what I am.  (Though, I suppose you can't do
the former without helping the latter.)
        It was also nice to read a different person's (also positive)
take on cohousing.  Still, if you are like me, you might benefit from
borrowing this book from the library and skimming the book for the sections
you find interesting, but you wouldn't feel it was worth your money to
purchase or your time to read cover to cover.

        Then again, if you're not like me, you might think it is excellent.  <g>


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