Kids and cohousing "kids working"
From: Sue Conklin (sconklinVinton.COM)
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 17:40:55 -0600
Dec. 16, 1996  15:36
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from:  Sue Conklin
Sugject:  Kids and work in cohousing
x-comments:  Developing cohousing - collaborative housing communities


I have been reading what adults think could be done to get kids involved in
the work of the community, but I haven't noticed any conversation from the
kids themselves.

Perhaps if some of the kids got involved in this discussion, we'd learn a
lot about what works for them in getting involved.  It might also get them
involved in thinking about the issue in terms of "we" rather than "them"
(the kids) and us (the adults) or visa versa.

We may have already heard from some kids, age doesn't necessarily translate
through the airwaves, but it seems that we haven't heard from much of the

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