Querry? Foundation/Agency Funding
From: Marti Major (marti.majorgenetics.utah.edu)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 12:09:30 -0600
Hello fellow community developers from a very chilly Salt Lake City!  I
am writing to you to find out if there are ANY coho projects that have
received any governmental or private foundation financial assistance in
the form of low interest loans, grants, matching grants, etc.  We are
investigating the possibility of - and feasability of - funding our
common house independently of the housing units.  This might be useful
in terms of managing its use, its costs, its construction, and the
amount of control we get over it verses giving control of it to the
mortgage bankers if it is part of the condominium sale and mortgage
agreement.  I have no further details about this yet, as we are in a
data gathering mode.  We hope that if there are groups who have raised
this kind of funding that they will share info with us.  We are working
with a public relations person who might be able to help us get this
kind of $$$ attention and we wondered if a precedent had been
established yet.  

Answers to this querry can come directly back to me at
marti.major [at] genetics.utah.edu or post them to the cohousing digest for
public edification.  OK? ;-) So long from Wasatch Cohousing (AKA WaCoHo,
with the accent over the HO)

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